How to Earn Money in ZED RUN (NFT Horse Racing Game)


ZED RUN is a digital horseracing game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

In this game, players have total ownership of digital NFT racehorses, similar to Axies in Axie Infinity.

These racehorses can then be used to join races or to breed new horses, allowing players to make a profit by earning cryptocurrency rewards.

In this guide, we’ll teach you all methods on how to earn money by playing ZED RUN.

How to Earn Money in ZED RUN

Here are four ways you can earn a profit by playing ZED RUN.

1. Win Races

Horse racing is the main gameplay and source of income in ZED RUN.

Once you’ve bought a racehorse on the OpenSea market, you can participate in a race.


ZED RUN races can have different types based on the class rating of the horses that are allowed to join.

To join a race, participants will need to pay a small entry fee which will be added to a prize pool. Higher level races will have higher entry fees and better reward pools.

If your horse places on the top 3, you’ll get a chunk of the total prize pool:

  • 1st Place — 60% of the prize pool
  • 2nd Place — 25% of the prize pool
  • 3rd Place — 15% of the prize pool

Horses have lots of characteristics and genes that affect their performance in the race track. These stats include their bloodlines, breed types and genotypes.


The ZED RUN racing gameplay has very deep mechanics and there are lots of strategies on picking and breeding the right horse, as well as picking the right races to join, but that’s a topic for another article!

One important thing to note as well is that most of the gameplay mechanics in ZED RUN such as horse stats and race results are run and stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

This makes the game safe and secure from exploits and hacking.

2. Earn Stud Farm Fees

Another way to earn a passive income in ZED RUN is through its breeding mechanic.

Just like in real life, you can breed a male horse (Colt or Stallion) and a female horse (Filly or Mare).

If you own a male horse, you can put it up in a Stud Farm.


Other players can then breed with your Stud and you will earn a portion of the breeding fee, a.k.a. the Stud Fee.

Time In Stud 1 Day 3 Days 7 Days
Stud Owner 40% 48% 56%
Prize Pool 45% 37% 29%
ZED RUN Fee* 15% 15% 15%

Think of the Stud Fee as the gas fees for minting a new horse NFT. Some portion of it will go to the prize pool and to ZED RUN’s community funds.

A male horse can breed up to three times per breeding cycle (28 days).

You will be able to set the breeding price but ZED RUN suggests a minimum price.

There are lots of variables and factors that need to be considered when setting up the price, but again this will be a topic for another guide!

3. Breed your own horses

Aside from putting up a male horse on the Stud Farm, you can also breed your own horses if you have a female horse (Filly or Mare).

When breeding, the owner of the female horse gets to keep the offspring. However, the owner of the female horse will have to pay the Stud Fee.

You can then use the offspring horse to race, or to sell it on the marketplace for ETH.

If you use your own male horses in your stable to breed with your female horse instead of looking for a stud in the Stud Farm, the breeding fees will be reduced by 35%.

Fillys and Mares can only breed once a month, unlike male horses who can breed 3 times.

So if you’re planning on running a complete horse breeding factory, you will need three female horses per 1 male horse to get 3 horses per month.

4. Marketplace Flipping

The last method for earning money in ZED RUN is through flipping horse NFTs in the marketplace.

In fact, this strategy is quite common in the NFT space as a whole.


The idea is to look for undervalued horses on sale in the marketplace that are priced way below the floor price, or way below than their intrinsic value.

If you’re quick to buy them before someone else does, you can then resell it for a bumped up price.

This may take some patience or some coding skills if you want to use automated tools, but the earnings will be worth it!